Shareholders' Meeting

Asian Cement Shareholders’ Meeting

Shareholders’ meeting: the full name is the shareholders’ meeting. The annual shareholders’ meeting is held once a year and should be held within 6 months after the end of the previous fiscal year (the general shareholders’ meeting is held from March to June). HOYATT AUDIO-VISUAL is a leading brand in co-organizing the shareholders’ meeting. It provides one-stop services for the construction of audio-visual technology and dispatching technical engineers required by the shareholders’ meeting.

About Us



HOYATT AUDIO-VISUAL Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. For more than 20 years, it has been adhering to the basic spirit of “professionalism, service, integrity, and responsibility”, co-organizing every event and participating in every project.
In recent years, it has co-organized special exhibitions for the National Palace Museum in Taipei, built audio-visual equipment for the banquet hall for the Regent Hotel, and provided event services for the shareholders’ meeting and joint meeting for the Far East Group. A case is always honored, and now HOYATT AUDIO-VISUAL is also a leading brand in Taiwan’s equipment leasing, trading, audio-visual conference room and home theater planning and construction. HOYATT is worthy of your affirmation and even more worthy of your entrustment.


July 14, 1995

Rooted in Taiwan, Brave and Innovative

HOYATT Audio-Visual was founded by two brothers, Zhou Shizhe and Zhou Shifang. Under the background of time and space at that time, the common reaction of Chinese people when they heard "audio-visual" was "sing KTV", but Shizhe and Shifang broke this concept. He went to the United States to learn lessons, brought the latest international technology back to Taiwan, and began to cultivate talents.

From 1995 to 2005

Step into engineering and challenge difficulties

After the first ten years of hard work, HOYATT Audio-Visual has arranged the planning and execution of domestic events of all sizes, but the founder of the company, Zhou Shizhe, does not limit himself. He works tirelessly to find a new blue ocean for the company. The development of the most challenging engineering field; another founder, Zhou Shifang, is not specialized in beauty. He knows that the biggest demand in the event market must come from five-star hotels, so he began to dig deep into the hotel field, providing audio-visual equipment rental, A series of services such as buying and selling.

From 2005 to 2015

Climbing to the top in Taiwan, the first in the industry

HOYATT Audio-Visual has successively co-organized special exhibitions for the National Palace Museum in Taipei, built audio-visual equipment for the Taipei Flower Expo Dream Hall, perfected audio-visual projection for the banquet hall of the Regent Hotel, completed the audio-visual project of the banquet hall for the Dynasty Hotel, and dispatched a technical engineer to the Dynasty Hotel. The hotel, which has completed nearly 1,000 audio-visual projects in ten years, can be said to be the first and only one in the industry.

After 2015

Diversified development, service upgrade

With the development and progress of the times, the technology related to audio-visual has been continuously improved in recent years. Hoyatt Audio-visual is also devoted to these new fields, so that both new and old customers can experience the latest technology and the most professional Serve.


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