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HOYATT AUDIO-VISUAL is a leading brand in audiovisual engineering and event planning

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HOYATT Audio-Visual is the leading brand of audio-visual projects, and has built audio-visual projects for well-known units such as the Forbidden City and Jinghua Hotel

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HOYATT AUDIO-VISUAL is a combination of software and hardware, providing one-stop service, and it can be put into use after the layout is completed.

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HOYATT AUDIO-VISUAL has the most items of audio-visual equipment, allowing customers to enjoy the best price, installation and warranty services

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HOYATT AUDIO-VISUAL Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. For more than 20 years, it has been adhering to the basic spirit of "professionalism, service, integrity, and responsibility", co-organizing every event and participating in every project.
In recent years, it has co-organized special exhibitions for the National Palace Museum in Taipei, built audio-visual equipment for the banquet hall for the Regent Hotel, and provided event services for the shareholders' meeting and joint meeting for the Far East Group. A case is always honored, and now HOYATT AUDIO-VISUAL is also a leading brand in Taiwan's equipment leasing, trading, audio-visual conference room and home theater planning and construction. HOYATT is worthy of your affirmation and even more worthy of your entrustment.

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We can advise and arrange projects and events from a professional perspective, so that you can get the best experience within your budget